A downloadable Demo for macOS

Hello this is my very first game that i have every made in Unreal Engine 4!

You play as a floating Mega Man ripoff with a grapple hook to swing around 3 separate levels full of fun! Right now there are a few bugs surrounding the Blaster but I will try to solve  them in future updates. I am also going to be adding more levels and worlds s you can play much longer. :)

(Will add LOTS more, please give constructive feedback and not blind hate!)

From, Mesh Games

Install instructions

(NOTE THERE IS ONLY A MAC VERSION SO FAR! But I will add windows soon. You also need to unzip the file as it was to big to upload it on its own with my current internet, sorry :( Once you unzip it you can just click the icon and play! Mac Version 10.11.6 or higher required)


GrappleKour!.zip 491 MB

Development log

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